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Twemps is a social media outsourcing agency that helps you to engage with customers on social networks. Our temporary or long-term services will help you to increase your presence and customer satisfaction.

From time to time, businesses that are already active on social networks are not able to respond to customers:

  • In the evenings and weekends, after the community managers and customer service team have gone home, but customers are still using your products and services. Banks, airlines and entertainment are some examples.
  • During absences owing to illness, public holidays and extended leave, such as Christmas.
  • During times of crisis, when many customers are adversely affected.
  • On social networks that they do not monitor.
  • On forums they started but are no longer monitored.

Forum owners find themselves spending too much time cleaning up spam and policy violations. We can take over these mundane chores.

When your social media team is overloaded with numerous customer incidents, or you are short-staffed, we can provide the people to respond on your behalf.

Trained tweeters

twitter screenshotOur “twemps” are experienced Tweeps (Twitter users), the most common social networking platform used by customers to talk to/about brands. They can start soon after you sign up for our service. They will respond in your company tone of voice (following training from your branding and product teams). If it helps, they will only respond from a supplied list of canned responses.

Your place or ours?

Our twemps can work at your premises or ours. Subject to your agreement, they can also work from their homes.

Social media staffing

If your company is not already on Twitter, Facebook and other emerging social networks, we can help to set up your in-house team within an overall social media strategy. We can also help you to recruit permanent social media staff.

Proactive messaging for brands

We can help to get your marketing messages out on Twitter and other social networks. There is no IT investment needed and you won’t need to worry about your headcount.

Upskilling Customer Care

Customers are increasingly using Twitter to contact companies or to talk about products and services. Existing customer care staff can be trained to use social media, as opposed to setting up a new social media team.

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